Key Issues

Energy   Keep Line 5 Open.   Build the Tunnel now!

Energy in Northern Michigan.  We must ensure energy is available including inexpensive propane and natural gas.   Government policy should not get ahead of innovation.   Supporter of nuclear energy power plants such as ones safely operating currently on US Navy ships across the globe.  Safe, clean, reliable energy without carbon.  Lower electricity prices. 

Gasoline prices.   Return to pro-energy policies.   Expand American oil and gas production to lower costs and re-gain energy independence.   Fuel prices are destroying local government budgets.

Voter ID.  All voters must show ID.   Eliminate mail in ballots, absentee ballots must have signature verification,  and outlaw ballot harvesting.  Full forensic audit.  Secure the vote.  When you can’t trust the vote, you have a corrupt society.

Taxes.   Lower state income taxes back to 3.9%, or lower.   Work to eliminate income tax entirely to gain a competitive advantage over other states and increase the Michigan economy.

Broadband.   Work to provide cost effective fiber internet to business and homes in Northern Michigan. 

Housing.   Work to build all levels of housing – from multiple resident housing to tiny housing to modular homes to new single-family homes.   Work to encourage less regulation on housing construction in order to lower costs. 

Support small business.  Less taxes.  Less regulations.

Limit state bureaucracy and work towards a smaller, more efficient state government.   Support local government and increase revenue sharing for counties, cities, villages and townships in Northern Michigan. 

Election Integrity

Government is duty-bound to ensure safe, fair, and forthright elections for all U.S. citizens. The 2020 elections, in particular, led to great mistrust in the government and our election system.
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The amount of taxes inundating citizens is outrageous—it has become pure theft. Taxes are bludgeoning our economy and our people beyond repair.
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Second Amendment

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is a right I unequivocally support.
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I believe life begins at conception. Human life is sacred. God has knit each and every person together in the womb.
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Our Veterans’ help and health systems are deplorable and in a severe state of disrepair. Veterans deserve the best of the best for medical care, housing, mental health support, and employment opportunities.
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Overlooked and ostracized, our senior citizens often are left to fend for themselves. We do ourselves a great disservice when we fail to compassionately care for them.
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Freedom of Speech

Today, we are witnessing the complete erosion of our God-given rights. The outright censorship
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Critical Race Theory

Contrary to popular thought, Critical Race Theory is exclusive, not inclusive. It categorizes and labels humanity. It is insular and degrading.
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Government overreach plagues our businesses, our livelihoods, and our health systems. It has used the pandemic to strip away our individual freedoms and medical rights.
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Leadership For Northern Michigan

Leadership For Northern Michigan

Friends of George Ranville for 37th District State Senate

(Your contribution to Friends of George Ranville will support the election of Ranville for Michigan 37th Senate Seat.)
Maximum cumulative contribution per election cycle is $2100 per person